Monday, March 7, 2016

Q107-WMQT's Lost Pet Network

Welcome to the Lost Pet Network, secured by Invisible Fence Brand of the U.P.  If you've lost a pet, or have found someone else's pet, please e-mail us (click HERE to do so) all of the following info--

The pet's name
What kind of animal he or she is
Any distinguishing marks she or he may have
Where and when he or she was lost or found
Your contact info

Also, if you have one, include a picture of the pet.  We'll then post it here, and share it on our Facebook fan page, as well.  We hope you never have to use this page.  But if you do, it's here and just another way to make sure your family member is returned to you safe and sound!

If you have any questions, just give us a call at (906) 225-9100.

REPORTED 11/20/23:

Satori is missing in Harvey!!

Satori hasn't been home since Saturday, 11/11/23, last seen near the Ojibwa Casino in Harvey.  She's all white with green eyes and a pink collar. Very small cat, petite. She probably won't come to you if call her name though If you see her can you please reach out. 906-235-6883
Thank you in advance

REPORTED 9/17/23

Found a young female (we think and has all claws) short haired kitty by Picnic Rocks in Marquette at 6:00 pm on 9-17-23. No collar very friendly. Lady that lives in Lakeshore Park Place said she's seen it around. We have her safe and will bring to UPAWS tomorrow but have her currently. Please share or let me know if you are the owner.

REPORTED 8/21/23:

A dog  is missing in St. Ignace!

Our dog went missing in St Ignace yesterday afternoon. He took off East from the Family Fare parking lot and then went north into a neighborhood and got lost in the woods. He's about 50-60lb White/Brown pitbull mix. We'd appreciate any help to find him. Our numbers are 573-308-2289 and 906-458-4845.

REPORTED 7/18?23

Smokey is missing in Harvey!

Smokey is a male cat with a white spot on his chest.  Smokey lost in Harvey at next to Ace Hardware. He was going in for a vet check up and broke free and hasn't been seen since.  If you come across Smokey call Terry at 906-420-2520

REPORTED 8/30/22

Onyx is missing in Quinnesec!

This is Onyx. She escaped in the early morning hours of 8/30/22. Last seen in Quinnesec, MI around the fire dept/public works building. Spayed Female Cat. No collar, but she is microchipped. Mostly Black, small amounts of white on her chest and belly.   If anyone spots her, please call 906-221-2892.

REPORTED 6/23?22

Tuna is missing in Ishpeming!

Missing cat in west ishpeming mi
His name is Tuna
He’s been missing since Saturday 6/18/22
He has white paws, white near his nose, a white strip in between his eyes, and white on his belly.
Contact numbers are
He is older than shown in picture but looks very similar still just bigger.

REPORTED 2/12/22:

Boogie is missing in Harvey!

Missing goldendoodle named Boogie. Missing since a Friday, 2/11 around 5:30pm.
Kawbawgam Rd. Harvey area.
Super friendly.
Buffalo plaid collar with tags
Orange/black beeper collar


Miley is missing in the eastern UP!

Miley's a Black Lab who went missing from Brimely State Park on July 4th. She was running from the fireworks. There have been no local sightings, and Miley's parents are searching everywhere. ANy information?  Please call Carolyn at 231 750-3835.


Robert is missing in Negaunee!

Robert (Robear) is missing, We live in downtown Negaunee Between Brown and McKenzie. He is 15bls black with yellow eyes. He has been missing since early this morning. He is an indoor-outdoor cat, He normally comes when I call him, from wherever he is. This is so unlike him. 757-651-0636 Please help? Thank you.


Bow Bow is missing in Ishpeming

His name is bow bow and he was lost on thanksgiving day from the E street area in ishpeming. If found please e mail or call or text 225-0802 thank you for your help!


Piper is missing in Negaunee!

She's an Australian Shepherd, and was last seen at US 41 and Baldwin ave Sunday, October 11. She has no collar or tags on. She has 2 different colored eyes.


Agnes is missing near the Crossroads!

Agnes is 2 yrs old.  She is a short hair black and brown tabby with a large white patch on chest.  And some orangish coloring near paws.  Declawed in front.  She was ;ast seen Monday, August 31st around 6:30.
Her home is just North of the Crossroads across from Hiawatha snowmobile club on 553. Not afraid of dogs (she lives with 2). Spends much of summer outdoors, never stays far.  If anyone has information please contact Kelly at 906-235-1485


Lily is missing in Ishpeming!

Lily is missing in North Lake area West Ishpeming. Please call 204-6128. Can’t see or hear very well, but is very gentle. No collar.


Miller is missing in Ishpeming!

Miller is missing between North Camp Rd and where the pavement ends on Deer Lake Rd. We took him for a walk and he ran off. If you have any information please contact 8302160582 or 9063223563.  Thank you!


A cat has been found near the Houghton County Airport.  The cat, which is a large black and tan tabby, was found in a tree the morning of February 28th.  If this is yours, call Roger at 370-2927


Josie is missing in Gwinn!

Our dog is a recently spayed female named, Josie. She has gone missing from the North River Drive area of Gwinn, MI as of Thursday, January 2nd. She is a Bernese Mountain dog who is 9 months old and weighs 70 pounds. Her turquoise camo collar has two phone numbers and her address on a tag, and she is also microchipped. She is mostly black with traces of brown and has a white stomach. Her stomach has a black shape on it. 

If she is seen, please call or text Carla at (906) 250-2419.


Apolo is missing in Chocolay Township!

Apolo is a dark brown older Doberman Pincher who left home around 5pm on December 28th on Co Rd 480 and Cherry Creek Rd.   If you know anything about Apolo please contact Karla  at 906-249-3746


Ruby is missing in Ishpeming!

LOST - Ruby
Medium-sized, short-hair, female tabby cat.
Last seen at home on North Pine Street, Ishpeming MI on Wednesday morning, September 18th
If found or spotted, please contact Newt at (951) 282-0500
She's not an outdoor cat so she might be scared, but she loves crinkly plastic if you need a good way to draw her out. Very friendly and chatty!


This little kitty was found in Marquette!

It was found on Third Street in Marquette Saturday, August 31st.  If you recognize this cat let us know and we'll pass along the info to the people who have it!


Henrietta is missing in Ishpeming!

Henrietta  escaped last night (8/7) between 11:30pm and 12:50am through an open window at my house on Marquette Street, in Ishpeming. She is an older, female, Mainecoon mix, with a big patch shaved in her back. She responds to "Yiz", "Yizzard", "Yizzmurd", and "Heinrich". She may or may not have her collar on, but she left home with it on. She loves chips, and can probably be lured with a bag of them. My phone number is 906-204-6260 . That's a mobile number, so both texts and calls are acceptable.


Lucy is lost in Negaunee Township!

Lucy was last seen on Co Rd 492 headed toward Marquette from Negaunee Twp.  She's an 8 mo old yellow Lab, pink color with no tags.  She is as gentle as can be.

She could be anywhere on M-35, Us-41, or 492 in Negaunee Twp.

If found please call 869-0388 or 250-2365


Shax is missing in Escanaba!

 My dog Shax went missing at 4-5PM on 06/06/19. Shax is a five year old pure bred blue with white markings short hair intact male Chihuahua. He is wearing a red collar but no tags. He is UTD on shots and is microchipped. He is small and requires on going care. He is friendly but like most Chihuahuas is shy of strangers so  please let people know to not chase him if they see him and he doesn't come to them as he could get hurt/killed if chased. He went missing from 637 N 19th street in Escanaba, MI. I am offering a reward for his return and/or information that leads to his return. Please contact Jennifer at (906) 204-0161 if he is spotted


Shady is missing in Negaunee Township!

Large black cat missing from Midway Dr Negaunee Twnshp near Longyear Subdivision.  White patch on chest and white rear toes.  No collar.  Answers to Shady.  Please call 360-5347 or 360-5348 if found or seen.


Siku & Tikanniu are missing in Champion!

Siku and Tikanni both are husky's, and they missing 6/3 from the Michigamme/Champion area.  If you see them or know about them, please call 906-371-0049 


Chance is missing in Raco!

Chippewa County, Raco Michigan. Chance is a beagle mix. His legs are Longer than a beagles, his chest is white, brown ears and face with a  white strip. Pink dots above his nose. He has a black back. He may be scared and run off of anyone tries to chase him. He was never timid but at this point I just don’t has been weeks 😔😢😢. please help! 


Gracie is missing in Negaunee!

Gracie for out the early morning of 19 April 2019. She is 2 years old and a runt so she is very small. Last seen at 420 S Silver St in Negaunee.  If you have any info on her please call 9062503893 


Gracie is missing in Rexton!

Gracie went missing on February 25th, and is a German short hair.  There's a reward offered, so if you see her call (906) 565-7294.


Tindy is missing near Marquette!

On Sunday, December 9th , around 2:30pm my sweet, small dog went missing from the Harlow Lake North Bike Trails. Across from Wetmore Landing. We heard her scream 10 times, then nothing. We absolutely fear she was grabbed by a coyote or bobcat, but hold onto hope that she was just startled or injured and that she is ok. If anyone has any information, please let me know as soon as possible. She goes by “Tinder” or “Tindy”. She can be a little shy. You could tell her you’re going to take her to her Momma and that might convince her to come to you, as well as she’s probably hungry. Please help. (231)330-7876.


Snow is missing in Diorite!

Snow's a white male neutered pure white cat with one blue eye and one gold eye.  Snow's been missing since August 13th.  If you see him please call 906 371 0629 


Bina is missing in Negaunee!

Hi, I recently lost my cat bina. I live in Negaunee. Bina is an all black cat, front declawed, with no collar. She's about 6 years old. The last day I saw her was Monday August 13th. I miss her lots. My phone number is (906)236-2422


Lil' Bit is missing in Harvey!

Lil Bit is a 8 yr old neutered male cat. He has black & white long hair and has extra toes on his front paws which resemble mittens. He was last seen Sunday August 12th in the morning near Family Dollar in Harvey. My name is Audrey, my phone # is (906)458-2487 (for calls or text msg's) & my email is$50 reward for info leading to Lil Bits safe return home.  Thank you


Moose is lost in Beaver Grove!

We lost our dog Moose on Tuesday 5/8  in Beaver Grove (Harvey). He is a treeing walker coonhound. He broke his collar so he is not wearing any tags. If anyone sees him please contact Taylor at 906-360-3979. 


Wednesday  is missing in Gwinn!

He is a 9mo. old all white Siberian Husky with bright blue eyes and a curly Q tail. His name is Wednesday and he can be kind of timid. He was wearing a green collar when he broke out of the fence in Gwinn, MI. near East Bass Lake.

Any information even just sightings would be so greatly appreciated. 

They can call or text Amanda at (906) 371-0479..


Name :  Bentley,  5 year old neutered male, aprox. 15lbs.
Coloring & Markings:  Beautiful Reddish / Orange Coat with white under his chin.
One black whisker , has a “bent” tail .  Very friendly and gentle cat.
Missing Since:  Monday evening  April 9th.
Location:  2nd Street in the Tobin Location, Crystal Falls  near the M-DOT offices.
Contact: by phone 906-367-2509 or  906-875-3161 with any information on his whereabouts. 


Remmie is missing in Negaunee!

Lost dog. Small black with a little white on his chest. Shihzuh and poodle. Name Remmie. Last seen Negaunee on maple st, kind of by miners park. Last seen the morning of 01/12/18.  If you see Remmie please call (906)236-9892


Keanu is mssing in Marquette!

Hello, my name is Alyssa and my cat Keanu got out on the 27th through the open dryer vent hole while we were switching out dryers. We were seeing footprints and leaving food out hoping he would come back. We set up a live trap with a blanket and his favorite food but it hasn't gone off and we have stopped finding foot prints. He is a brown tabby with beautiful green eyes and long whiskers. He is microchipped so if anyone has doubts they can bring him to Upaws. He is a little chubby and runs very loudly through the house. I have posted on Facebook and put up flyers near by. We are located in the pioneer village trailer park and he was last seen under our trailer on the 27th.


Ophelia is missing near Big Bay!  Ophelia is a VERY fluffy orange cat with freckles on her nose.  She was last seen near the Yellow Dog River this past weekend.  If you come across her, her family would sure like to know.  Just give them a call at (810) 730-4148!


Sparkle is lost in Ishpeming!

Lost cat.  Sparkle is a Tortoise shell with white belly and whiskey colored eyes.   Female. Lives on Washington st in ishpeming.  Last seen late Friday night.  Contact Athena at 362 9614 or Shane at 204 7173.


Guido is lost at KI Sawyer!

Guido is all black with half a tail and a raw spot on his right leg from a healing wound.  He lives on the corner of Stratofort and Dart in K I and loves the outdoors but has never been gone this long before.  He enjoys the woods behind our house and was last seen on June 8th.

Please call  or text 906-475-8623 with ANY information.


Papi is lost in Ishpeming!

Goes by Papi (poppy) or Papaya. He is orange and white (orange back and white belly) has a blue collar with a bell on it. He is microchiped and very friendly, but skittish when outside. Last seen around 3rd street and High street in ishpeming. Got out of the house around 2am June 17th. Please contact Rebecca Broeders at (906) 250 6046 with any information.


Bo is missing in Wetmore!

 The pet's name: Bo
What kind of animal he is: intact male chocolate lab mix
Any distinguishing marks he may have: white on chest, stomach, and back feet. Also has extra set of canines.
Where and when he was lost or found: missing since April 2nd from 15535 Forest Highway 13 in Wetmore, MI. Owners received a tip he may be in the Newberry area.

Your contact info: Shelly Aubrey at 906-573-2117 or 906-286-3739


Lost Golden Doodle. White Skinny groomed like a poodle. No collar . Broke free. Negaunee North Field on Kivela Road. Her name is Judy. She is loving but skittish. PLEASE call 906-475-5287. She is here with her family visiting and does not know the area.


Nana is missing n Skandia!

Nana's owner is  offering a $500.00 reward for the return of her dog. Her name is Nana. She is black with a white patch on her chest, and she has a scar at her hip. Please contact (1906)361-7911 with information.


Kitty is missing!!

Our cat went missing on Sept. 14 on Midway Drive in Negaunee Township. He is an orange long hair tabby with a big bushy tail, and will come to the name kitty.
 We are offering a $200 reward for his safe return.
Please call 458-0374 or 360-2156 if found.


A cat has been found in Iron Mountain.  As the person who found it writes--"I found a cat on Iron Mountain's northside (Margaret St.) this afternoon.  It is an orange and white cat, no collar, very affectionate and well groomed, male.  I took it to the Animal Shelter near Iron Mountain.  Thanks for posting this in case someone is looking for their cat."


Kishin is missing!

Kishin is an all black cat (about 1 ½ yo) missing from Baraga. He is neutered and very thin. He is pretty friendly as well. Call or text 395-7944 or call 353-7047.


Willie has been lost in the woods north of the Dead River Basin/Willow Creek area since the morning of August 24th.  He's a BLUE HEELER MIX, all black with white chest, about 50 lbs and 12 yrs old, collar with a belt buckle snap and tags.  If you see Willie please contact Ryan Demattio at 248-251-7609 or 586-242-6144


Lost at KI Sawyer--

My dog ran away 6/16 from constellation street at KI Sawyer. She is a black and white shitzu, answers to "Baby",  and is wearing a Detroit Red Wings collar. If found please call )906)250-5534.


Found in KI Sawyer--

This dog was found at Sawyer on Monday, June 13th.  If he's yours, please e-mail or reply to the post that will be on the Q107-WMQT Facebook page.

REPORTED 6/6/16:

Brutus is missing!

He's a small white dog (Maltese/Chihuahua mix)
No distinguishing marks and not wearing collar at time L
Went missing Friday, June 3rd about 2 pm, 500 block of East Prospect Street, Marquette ~ likes to wander and may bite.

Contact info: 235-4809 OR 225-1522


REPORTED 11/17 (and reunited 11/19!):

Sage is lost in Marquette!

Sage has been missing since 7 pm sat .   From 227 w. Michigan st.  She was last seen on the corner of 4th and Michigan.   If you see her please call 906-458-5743. Thank you!

REPORTED 3/20 (& Rreunited 3/21!):

Buster is missing in Negaunee!

Buster is a brown & white Shih Tzu who became lost in Negaunee city 3/20/19 8 am.  If you see him, please call Emily at (906) 281-6790

REPORTED 12/3  (& reunited 12/4 !):

Found in north Marquette!

 The pet's name: 
Unknown (no tags)
What kind of animal: 
Dog, boxer or boxer mix
Any distinguishing marks: 
Pink spot on/above her nose, one white paw, female, pink collar (photos attached)
Where and when he or she was found: 
Sun. 12/2/18 at 10pm on the corner of Norwood street and Van Evra Ave. in Marquette (just off NMU Campus)
Your contact info:

James Gladwell, (906)360-5637

REPORTED 6/29 (and found 7/2!):

Georgia is missing in Champion!

Georgia's a tri-colored (brown/white/black) dog and has a black collar on.  She's very friendly and likes food.  If you picked her up or saw her please call 906-371-0838 or  906-371-0629

REPORTED 5/31 (and found on 6/1!!):

Rudy is missing in Marquette!

Rutabaga (Rudy for short)  is an orange male tabby cat with green eyes.  He went missing in the night, sometime between midnight and 5am. He was last seen at home on High St between Park and Magnetic. He isn’t wearing a collar but is chipped. It means everything to me that he returns home so, please share with abandon!  Contact Jessica 9062364920.

REPORTED 12/28 (and found 12/30!):

Ruby is missing in Alger County!

Ruby's a 7 month old small female terrier mix, black with brown.  She went missing on 12/27 from the Limestone General Store between Chatham and Trenary in Alger County.  If you see Ruby, call Lynn at 906-203-5110 or Bill at 906-439-5935 

REPORTED 11/1 (and found the next morning!):

Shiloh is missing in Harvey!

Shiloh is a white and brown female husky. She was last seen in the woods near Heather Lane in the Harvey area. She is ten years old, may not have a collar on. We can be contacted at 906-361-4725 or 906-201-1825. 

REPORTED 10/1 (and found by duck hunters on 10/4!)

Troy is missing near Ishpeming!

Troy is a wire haired pointing griffon wearing a faded orange collar with info tags. He's freshly buzz cut, brown and white facial markings, and very friendly. Missing since 9/28 on Flat Rock Rd south of Ishpeming. Last seen 9/30 by Perch Lake. If found or seen please call (906) 485-5078 or (906) 360-8162

REPORTED 9/17 (and found 9/23!):

Reeses is missing in Gwinn!

 Reeses is a smaller female tortie cat wearing a black collar.  Reeses the camper on 9/10 at Farquar-Metsa Tourist Park Campground in Gwinn.  If you see Reeses, call 386-689-9856 

REPORTED 9/12 (and found 9/14!):

Nala is lost around Gwinn!

Nala is a senior female chow chow dog with greying around the muzzle.  She was lost on Labor Day when spooked by fireworks. She was lost from the Charlie Lakes area near Gwinn (Marquette County).  More info--906-371-0395 or 250-0038

REPORTED 7/28 (and found the next day!):

Stafford is missing in Champion!

Stafford is a small, gray cat with fluffy fur and green eyes. He answers to Stafford or Staffy. He is wearing a silver and green collar with a bell on it. He is a house cat and must have gotten out sometime between 3:30 and 9:00pm. Please contact Jon Young @ 906-458-2684.

REPORTED 6/14 (and found the same day!):

Zoe is missing in Marquette!

Her name is Zoë, she's a black and tan pointer mix. She weighs roughly 65 lbs and is pretty athletic in build. She is currently not wearing a collar, and was last seen around Longyear in Marquette near NMU. Contact information: Birgitta Morgan 906-236-5656.

REPORTED 4/9  (and back home April 11th!):

Daisy is missing!

Daisy is a mixed breed last seen yesterday evening in Salisbury location, Ishpeming. She's wearing a darker colored collar with no tags. Sweet, energetic, and friendly. If seen or found please call (906)204-2056

REPORTED 1/4/17 (and returned home 1/8!):

Lexi is missing in Gladstone!

Her name is Lexi Lu, and she is a tan spayed female mixed breed dog, about 55 lb. She should be wearing a teal collar, and she is microchipped. She ran off from the Westridge Heights subdivision in Gladstone yesterday (1/3/17) around 4pm. She was seen across M-35 on Sjoquist road near the Gladstone High School, then later in the evening near the Industrial Park. She is a skittish dog but friendly, and would possibly jump into the back seat of a vehicle if told to "jump up". My name is Gina Laur, and my number is 906-280-8279 or call my husband Dave at 920-728-2773. Thank you!

REPORTED 11/17 (and returned home 11/24!):

Tasha is missing!

Tasha's an American Staffordshire Terrier, Black with white on paws, face, and belly. Wearing a pink and black collar. Friendly but skittish. Lost on 11/15 3pm near Clarksburg location but lives in Ishpeming. If found or seen please call (906) 204 4226.

REPORTED 10/31 (and FOUND 11/2!)

Sage is missing!

Sage has been missing since Saturday night.  She is an indoor, 12 year old cat and has never gotten loose before.
Her name is Sage.  She is white with a gray head, tail and feet.  She is small, and somewhat pudgy.  She's missing in the Trowbidge area of Marquette.  

If you see her, please call Sue at 458-5614, or e-mail

REPORTED 10/5 (and FOUND 10/9):

Willow is missing!

Willow is a 5 month old sheltie who should be seen wearing a blue collar. She's a little on the shy side but just be patient with her, is about 15 pounds, black and white mostly. Urgent because she takes daily medications. She was last seen at the L'Anse Township Park on Sunday, Oct 2nd. If you know of her whereabouts please contact Lynn at 906-334-2411or call the Baraga County Sheriff at 906-524-6100. NOT good on a leash.

REPORTED 7/21  (and FOUND 7/22!):

Smokey is lost in Ishpeming!

Says Smokey's owners--"Our "Smokey" got out last night in Ishpeming on N First Street. He's an indoor cat who is missed very much by two little girls. He is a 1 year old male, neutered, black cat with short hair fur. He is very friendly and purrs alot! Please contact 906-236-5130 if you find out little guy. After the storm I'm sure he's scared and hiding out somewhere. 

REPORTED 5/1/16 (and FOUND 7/8/16!):

Uno is missing!:

Missing from Tulip Street in Ishpeming is a large, black, male, neutered cat with a white spot on his chest.  His name is Uno.  He is an indoor cat so he is probably scared and hiding in/under something.  Please call 486-1271 or 361-2933 with any sightings.  $25 reward

REPORTED 5/8/16: (and FOUND 5/10/16!)

Lost on 5-7-16 Around noon 1 is black and white mini Australian Shepard about 40 lbs and his name is Archer  And the other is black, white and brown. He looks like a Border Collie also about 40 lbs and his name is Wyatt.  Both only have invisible fence collars on without any dog tags.  They live in the Bishop Woods neighborhood.  If found please call Michelle at 236-2678.

REPORTED 4/15/16: (and FOUND 4/15/16!)

We lost our chocolate lab. Her name is Tina. She's about 13 years old and walks with a limp. She has a collar on with tags. She was last seen out by the sawyer Airport around 3:00 PM on Friday 4/15/16. Please call 906-202-0123 and ask for Derek.