Monday, March 7, 2016

Q107-WMQT's Lost Pet Network

Welcome to the Lost Pet Network, secured by Invisible Fence Brand of the U.P.  If you've lost a pet, or have found someone else's pet, please e-mail us (click HERE to do so) all of the following info--

The pet's name
What kind of animal he or she is
Any distinguishing marks she or he may have
Where and when he or she was lost or found
Your contact info

Also, if you have one, include a picture of the pet.  We'll then post it here, and share it on our Facebook fan page, as well.  We hope you never have to use this page.  But if you do, it's here and just another way to make sure your family member is returned to you safe and sound!

If you have any questions, just give us a call at (906) 225-9100.


Lost Golden Doodle. White Skinny groomed like a poodle. No collar . Broke free. Negaunee North Field on Kivela Road. Her name is Judy. She is loving but skittish. PLEASE call 906-475-5287. She is here with her family visiting and does not know the area.


Nana is missing n Skandia!

Nana's owner is  offering a $500.00 reward for the return of her dog. Her name is Nana. She is black with a white patch on her chest, and she has a scar at her hip. Please contact (1906)361-7911 with information.


Kitty is missing!!

Our cat went missing on Sept. 14 on Midway Drive in Negaunee Township. He is an orange long hair tabby with a big bushy tail, and will come to the name kitty.
 We are offering a $200 reward for his safe return.
Please call 458-0374 or 360-2156 if found.


A cat has been found in Iron Mountain.  As the person who found it writes--"I found a cat on Iron Mountain's northside (Margaret St.) this afternoon.  It is an orange and white cat, no collar, very affectionate and well groomed, male.  I took it to the Animal Shelter near Iron Mountain.  Thanks for posting this in case someone is looking for their cat."


Kishin is missing!

Kishin is an all black cat (about 1 ½ yo) missing from Baraga. He is neutered and very thin. He is pretty friendly as well. Call or text 395-7944 or call 353-7047.


Willie has been lost in the woods north of the Dead River Basin/Willow Creek area since the morning of August 24th.  He's a BLUE HEELER MIX, all black with white chest, about 50 lbs and 12 yrs old, collar with a belt buckle snap and tags.  If you see Willie please contact Ryan Demattio at 248-251-7609 or 586-242-6144


Lost at KI Sawyer--

My dog ran away 6/16 from constellation street at KI Sawyer. She is a black and white shitzu, answers to "Baby",  and is wearing a Detroit Red Wings collar. If found please call )906)250-5534.


Found in KI Sawyer--

This dog was found at Sawyer on Monday, June 13th.  If he's yours, please e-mail or reply to the post that will be on the Q107-WMQT Facebook page.

REPORTED 6/6/16:

Brutus is missing!

He's a small white dog (Maltese/Chihuahua mix)
No distinguishing marks and not wearing collar at time L
Went missing Friday, June 3rd about 2 pm, 500 block of East Prospect Street, Marquette ~ likes to wander and may bite.

Contact info: 235-4809 OR 225-1522


REPORTED 1/4/17 (and returned home 1/8!):

Lexi is missing in Gladstone!

Her name is Lexi Lu, and she is a tan spayed female mixed breed dog, about 55 lb. She should be wearing a teal collar, and she is microchipped. She ran off from the Westridge Heights subdivision in Gladstone yesterday (1/3/17) around 4pm. She was seen across M-35 on Sjoquist road near the Gladstone High School, then later in the evening near the Industrial Park. She is a skittish dog but friendly, and would possibly jump into the back seat of a vehicle if told to "jump up". My name is Gina Laur, and my number is 906-280-8279 or call my husband Dave at 920-728-2773. Thank you!

REPORTED 11/17 (and returned home 11/24!):

Tasha is missing!

Tasha's an American Staffordshire Terrier, Black with white on paws, face, and belly. Wearing a pink and black collar. Friendly but skittish. Lost on 11/15 3pm near Clarksburg location but lives in Ishpeming. If found or seen please call (906) 204 4226.

REPORTED 10/31 (and FOUND 11/2!)

Sage is missing!

Sage has been missing since Saturday night.  She is an indoor, 12 year old cat and has never gotten loose before.
Her name is Sage.  She is white with a gray head, tail and feet.  She is small, and somewhat pudgy.  She's missing in the Trowbidge area of Marquette.  

If you see her, please call Sue at 458-5614, or e-mail

REPORTED 10/5 (and FOUND 10/9):

Willow is missing!

Willow is a 5 month old sheltie who should be seen wearing a blue collar. She's a little on the shy side but just be patient with her, is about 15 pounds, black and white mostly. Urgent because she takes daily medications. She was last seen at the L'Anse Township Park on Sunday, Oct 2nd. If you know of her whereabouts please contact Lynn at 906-334-2411or call the Baraga County Sheriff at 906-524-6100. NOT good on a leash.

REPORTED 7/21  (and FOUND 7/22!):

Smokey is lost in Ishpeming!

Says Smokey's owners--"Our "Smokey" got out last night in Ishpeming on N First Street. He's an indoor cat who is missed very much by two little girls. He is a 1 year old male, neutered, black cat with short hair fur. He is very friendly and purrs alot! Please contact 906-236-5130 if you find out little guy. After the storm I'm sure he's scared and hiding out somewhere. 

REPORTED 5/1/16 (and FOUND 7/8/16!):

Uno is missing!:

Missing from Tulip Street in Ishpeming is a large, black, male, neutered cat with a white spot on his chest.  His name is Uno.  He is an indoor cat so he is probably scared and hiding in/under something.  Please call 486-1271 or 361-2933 with any sightings.  $25 reward

REPORTED 5/8/16: (and FOUND 5/10/16!)

Lost on 5-7-16 Around noon 1 is black and white mini Australian Shepard about 40 lbs and his name is Archer  And the other is black, white and brown. He looks like a Border Collie also about 40 lbs and his name is Wyatt.  Both only have invisible fence collars on without any dog tags.  They live in the Bishop Woods neighborhood.  If found please call Michelle at 236-2678.

REPORTED 4/15/16: (and FOUND 4/15/16!)

We lost our chocolate lab. Her name is Tina. She's about 13 years old and walks with a limp. She has a collar on with tags. She was last seen out by the sawyer Airport around 3:00 PM on Friday 4/15/16. Please call 906-202-0123 and ask for Derek.